Storage & distribution requires large investments varying every size of business, it requires long term financial commitments which becomes very challenging task especially for small and medium sized businesses. Minimizing storage & handling cost through customized space rental from a professionally managed where housing and distribution partner is the best solution to grow business faster.

ASN Transport ensures the most efficient delivery of our clients’ project handling and cargo handling at competitive prices. These are not merely planned and monitored, but we continually try to find ways to achieve better results, e.g. costs, efficiencies, speed, special services and carriers and so forth.

ASN Transport offer integrated turnkey supplier-to-site logistical solutions to make projects feasible and profitable, for our clients and their customers.

We also assist document clearance and cargo clearance services through our trusted partners.

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ASN Transport offers closed where house and open yard storage solutions from as small as 1000 square feet and above space with short term and long term leasing basis. The service offer includes:

➢ Insured private warehousing space
➢ Safe storage of goods
➢ Special handling of goods or materials
➢ Packing Services and Storage
➢ Local distribution
➢ Transportation from the warehouse to ports of dispatch.