Land Transportation


Land Transportation

Smooth transport of goods is a good basis for a solid business performance. Transporting of goods can be very challenging from various aspects of business, on time delivery, safety, handling of cargo & transparency during movement of goods. This requires specialized supervision and expertise in handling and moving cargo from one place to another.

ASN Transport offers wide range flexible, effective, customized land transport service solutions to match the entire land transport requirement depending on the volume of cargo that is planned to move locally and regionally.

ASN Transport offers an array of Land Transportation services 24x7 to any place within the region. We have a reliable local and national land transportation service that ensures safe and timely delivery of shipments. Any inland movement of merchandise requires a sturdy and smooth surface transport system from specialized supervision. Our team ensures a secure logistic support to all its customers. Applying the supply-chain management system, the Land Transport Team uses its expertise to ensure time bound movement for a robust deployment of its activities

At ASN Transport the challenge is to minimize costs, improve transport efficiencies, overcome trade, technical and paper barriers, and apply improving technologies to ensure delivery of shipments in the time allotted.

You can get access to wide range of vehicles in multiple units as would be required from time to time. We offer fleet for short term and long term leasing with the most competitive pricing.

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ASN Transport range of fleet from owned and partnered operators includes;

➢ Flatbed trucks – Bulk lose cargo, containers, packed liquid cargo, ISO tanks
➢ Box Trailers – Temperature controlled & non temperature controlled
➢ Curtain Trailers – Side opening and complete opening.
➢ Low beds of various kinds , capacity, axle
➢ Tipper trucks – rock, aggregate and sand tipping.
➢ Light Commercial pickup trucks – 1.5 – 3 – 7 – 10 tons
➢ Special Trucks & Road Tankers for Oil, Gas and chemical areas